Monday, March 10, 2014

Music Monday - Paloma Faith

What a wickedly weird music video....One of the reasons I love The Grahma Norton show is the musical addition in every episode. And in this epic episode The Graham Norton Show - S14E18 he has Paloma Faith do the honors....loved the funky beat and you can just see the eccentricity of this lady come through in her performance and her music. She's got such a big voice that while performing she seemed larger and taller and only once she sat down did I realize how petite she is! If watching the whole episode of TGNS is too much for you, check out this wickedly weird music video of the song she performed on the night:

I just can't rely on you - Paloma Faith

Monday, February 24, 2014


I've always strongly believed in honesty being the best policy...even if it hurts, even if it is risky...maybe because it's risky. If you can't  be honest with your friends then who can you be honest with, right? The saddest thing though is that once you've been honest you suddenly realise the strength of any given relationship, and sometimes you overestimate the strength of a friendship and kind of ruin it with honesty....which is just sad that honesty should ruin a friendship rather than strengthening it right? Then you almost, but just almost, feel like apologizing for being honest....but then you realize that you'd rather build friendships on mutual respect earned through equal amounts of honesty. I'd rather have friendships worth fighting for, over and with than someone just merely being politely friendly with me - how am I suppose to trust someone like that to have my back? I've got my best friend with whom I've fought with about celebrity gossip to marriage to raising kids, and I've gone through months of not liking her and her not liking me because of some disagreement but we've always gotten back together and always will - because we understand that to build a friendship we need to be honest about the things that matter and sometimes that hurts, but that's why we're have each others back, to point out when we've done someone wrong and be there to help each other not be complete asses. Friends don't let friends be bitches! So, if I've ever argued with you or bitched at you over something you did or didn't's most likely because I consider you a close enough friend. If you didn't fight back, well I guess I then overestimated our friendship. Offence is a killer...

Music monday: Filipa

Before I had kids I constantly listened to music...headphones or just blasting loudly through speakers, flat on my back just soaking it in...
Since becoming a mom 'soaking it in flat on your back' just doesn't happen, purely because for kids their mom lying flat on her back means just one thing: whoopy time!! Yes, instead of peacefully listening to some tunes I end up with a pile of kids on I've kind of lost my constant search for new music, but I've decided that it's time to start searching again...and hence my resolution to do Music here we go: My first find for 2014:

Apparently Ryan Seacrest had a One Direction cover song competition. This is the winner. She's South African, she's only 18 and she has an amazing voice! And look at her playing to the camera! As one of the comments say: I hate you Filipa for making me listen to a One Direction song and making me like it!! Totally talented, totally awesome...definitely a girl worth keeping an ear out for!

Filipa - One Direction:Story of my life (cover)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Time for politics...

2014. Election year in South Africa, and an important one at that...I've never really been interested or concerned with politics until now...maybe it's because I'm a mother and I'm trying to imagine a future for my children, but in the current state of our country, it's difficult to really imagine a prosperous one.

After the booing of Jacob Zuma at Madiba's funeral I reckon the ANC has to realise that they are not popular with the nation, even with their followers. So many ridiculous things have been done and laughed at by our current president that most people can't bring themselves to even say "President Jacob Zuma". He's a clown distracting the masses from what is happening behind the scenes, the corruption and the stupidity abound.
It is time, we as a nation - Madiba's Rainbow Nation, full of colour and culture, stand up and stand together and stand fast to what is right and what is ours. Yes, many things have been done wrong by various governments in the past and our nation has always come out fighting against them - isn't it time we start fighting against the wrong that Jacob Zuma has done? A rapist and a fraudster is not fit to lead this country!! How can we expect to have a healthy, honest nation, a legacy of caring and forgiving people if we allow a person that is the opposite of everything we stand for to stay in leadership?

It's tough to decide who to vote for, yes - every politician seems to have something up their sleeve...some only points fingers to what others are doing wrong instead of voicing their own solutions to the current problems. It sometimes seem that the problems that has been created by the current leadership is so vast and insurmountable that any new leader would be afraid to commit themselves to a solution. Can they even fathom the amount of work that lies ahead in fixing the messes left behind Zuma...are they up for fighting to achieve justice on behalf of the woman he raped, on behalf of the government officials who's pensions got used for the e-tolls, for the taxpayer who's money has to pay for a "security fire pool" at his private residence...the list goes on. How can we, as a proud African nation just let this carry on? Do we really want to leave our children in the wake to deal with another situation like Zimbabwe? I am not a doomsday prophet but if we as South Africans just keep laughing at our current president and don't dethrone him then what's to stop him from just keeping on doing as he's been doing? He doesn't take any responsibility for anything he does - he just smiles and waves and the rest of the country is left wondering how on earth he can justify spending all our money?
I urge everyone who reads this post to vote. Not for Zuma or the ANC. No, vote for someone who is going to make a difference.  Vote for someone who is going to be brave enough to face the masses and take responsibility for their action, vote for someone who cares about the poorest of the poor and can use the richest of the rich to help the poor. Vote for someone who isn't afraid  to clean up the mess the ANC has made. Vote, because it matters - it matters today and it matters for the future of this country. We have such an awesome country, such an awesome nation. So diverse and yet so similar. We all love to laugh, and maybe that's why Zuma has been in power for too long...he makes us laugh. But it's time to stop laughing and start building. Build a future nation that our children can be a proud part of, not a shameful part of. All cultures and races in our country need to band together against being used and abused to reach selfish governmental goals.
It's time we stand up and say that we look to the future for our country and that's how we make decisions, not to our past.

Monday, December 23, 2013

It's it...??

Yes, two days and it's Christmas, but it just doesn't feel like that...maybe it's because for a change I've avoided going to any malls over the last week and have stayed clear from most public spaces...and for the first time in years we are going on a family holiday over the festive season! My house isn't very christmassy and you'll find no Christmas carols playing on my radio...yet I do so appreciate the significance of what it is that we are suppose to be celebrating. The virgin birth of Jesus Christ, the risen Son of God, who died on a cross, sacrificed himself for us to be saved and be reconciled with our Creator...but I somehow struggle to console all of that with how Christmas are celebrated world-wide. Trees and tinsel and lights and gifts...what does all of that have to do with Christ? I know that there are loads of people with loads of reasonings behind why us as Christians include all these symbols in our celebration, but honestly none of them feel true or right to me...especially as all of them have some kind of other religion behind the origination of them and Christians have just adopted them as part of our celebration. Even the date is historically incorrect and many historians agree that Christ was born in October and not in December. The original pagan celebrations fell on 25 December and somehow we ended up with celebrating the birth of Christ on this day. I know many people say that they don't care when His birthday are celebrated as long as it's celebrated at least one day a year, but don't you think that He would mind?? Wouldn't you mind if everyone who says they love you chose another day that wasn't your birthday and instead of doing everything you want them to do, they do everything they find pleasing to themselves?
I struggle with Christmas, I've struggled with it for a couple of years, and it gets harder with having kids who so easily get pulled into the commercialism of buying and getting and receiving...
How about we celebrate the birth of Christ everyday and instead of just adopting a pagan holiday and trying to Christify it, we celebrate Christ in the ways he would want us to: in spending time with those who doesn't know Him and testifying to His greatness and glory and showing His light through us in giving of our time and love...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Heather's hope

Heather's Family

I recently got an e-mail from Heather, a mesothelioma ( survivor. She's a brave soul and she asked me to share her story with you guys as she's raising awareness for this lesser known cancer. I decided to share her story with you simply because her story is one of hope, optimism and love.

Follow the link to see her story:

Monday, September 30, 2013

House sharing

As a stay at home mom of three small girls I'm constantly aware of the little things my kids pick up from me or my BH, sayings, attitudes, moods etc etc. I'll hear one of them say something or see them do something and think to myself "aha - she gets that from me" or "mmmm - maybe daddy uses that phrase too often", but when my 3 yr old told me to give her "Sam-kisses" it really hit home how much influence there is from other people as well. We've always had kind of an 'open-house' or a 'shared-house' and since having kids it's become more and more interesting and challenging to stick with it. As with everything it has it's pro's and con's. On the up-side my kids get to meet and experience many different kinds of people and cultures and I hope that with this they will learn a tolerance for other people's opinions and ways of doing things - more so than the average human being - because that's what we need in this world. Understanding. There are so many different cultures and sub-cultures, religions, opinions, political views, fetishes and belief systems and even though I don't agree with all of them and don't believe that one should 'lean'on all of them, I do think that if you understand all of them you have a better chance of making a change or having an effect on someones' life. And that's what I would want my children to do one-day. Advance the Kingdom of God by raising children that have the understanding of all the world has to offer so that they know how to approach and talk to all these different people. Because if they grow up with loving so many different people they should be able to carry on loving many people into adulthood. This is one of the biggest pro's for me - one that I have to constantly remind myself of when I find myself being less tolerant than what I want to be. That being said, one of the con's is that my children learn different habits from all these people. The one mentioned above is definitely not a bad one, but it once again reminded me that habits are learnt so quickly and that I have to constantly be aware not just of my own bad habits and responses, but to that of the other people in my house as well. Bad language, hygiene, eating habits and such all 'rub off' on the kids and makes it interesting to pin-point where it comes from and how to 'un-learn' these habits. So far we've been lucky enough to have had people in the house who are very aware that children pick up habits quickly and haven't had to really put much effort into getting rid of behaviours from others...the 'worst' has been my almost 2yr old showing her fists at me when she didn't want to do something (thanks Sam) but that's more funny and endearing than a bad habit ;-)

The other con is that when these array of different people leave my children miss them. For at least a month after each person leaves I have to explain where the various people are and why they don't come over or sleep over or we don't see them everyday. If it's someone from a different country they want to know why they can't go and visit them or talk to them on the phone or exactly how far away is far away then...which makes for interesting explanations and ways of describing distances and the vast-ness that is this earth. I do hope though that one day when they are old enough to travel they will have an interest in doing so and go and see all these places and visit all these people that have had an input in their lives. I guess at heart me and my BH believe that it really does take a village and so we invite people from across the globe and our own home country into our house and hope that our children learn interesting and valuable lessons from all of them. I guess for the most part the pro's outweigh the con's and the only ones who notice any cons'are the 'grown-ups'around here...because when the house hasn't had anyone but us in it for a while the kids start asking about who will be coming to stay with us let's hope God always has a steady flow of people with a need for a room and a family to send our way ;-)